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Excessive Play In Radius Arm


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Had my Lexus IS200 MOT last week and it failed on front two lower ball joints and rear two radius arms having excessive play in pin/bearings???

MOT was done at a kwik fit garage (about half an hour away because I had a half price voucher and this was the only Kwik fit close by that did MOTs), I can see the ball joints need replacing and went into lexus to order bushes for the radius arm and there were so many to choose from, so I took it to my local Kwik fit and asked them to confirm which ones I would need.

They checked and said they all seemed fine. They were very friendly and even took the car to an MOT dealer close by who did MOTS and even he had trouble deciding which ones needed replacing. The guys also phone up the guy who did my MOT but he wasnt of much help.

In the end we decided the radius arm was worse off but lexus dont sell individual bushes for these I had to order the whole part wich bush built in. part number 48710A and 48720A for right and left one. They cost around £100 each!!! just wondered if anyone else had this problem on their car? If so is there anywhere I can just buy the bush? I can get it pressed in if need be. Is it common or has the MOT tester just been mistaken? as a few other mechanics have checked it out and cant see the problem. Even though he has failed it due to these. I would have thought maybe he would have just put them on an advisory notice.



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Hi and Welcome to the LOC Nadeem :)

The front lower and upper wishbones do seem to have a high wear rate through out the Lexus range.

Like you say the main dealers are crafty and only sell the whole arms.

I expect IS owns should be along to advice about the radius arms.

Im sure someone on here can advise where the wishbones,radius arms can be bought cheaper than from the main dealer.


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