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Rattling From Underside Of Car


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I have sifted through some pages of previous posts but couldnt find what i was looking for. Aparantly the rattling noise coming from the underside of my car could be the brakes?

The only way i could describe the noise is if the exhaust was loose or there is a baking tray banging around! The exhuast is well fastened and all rubbers are intact. The heatsheild on the back box was loose but i have secured that now and the unknown rattle still persists! everything else is tight from what i can see.

The brakes are a little sloppy and there is a slight wobble when slowing from high speeds but fine at lower ones, so im not sure if they could be linked?

any advice is much appreciated :)

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Have a similiar problem, but mine stops when I touch the brakes even lightly, I spoke to my local Lexus dealer (Exeter) they asked me to check if I had shims and springs on the rear pads.....I dont so have ordered them as aparantly this will stop the problem

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