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  1. actually now you mention it, it was...glad somebodys memory is good around here!
  2. SOLD! somebody has got a stunning deal at £275
  3. no way buddy! sad to see that. you introduced me to LOC when I bought the sports grill off you on ebay probably a good 8 years ago now. main thing is your ok.
  4. sorry mate, you will have to bid on ebay now.
  5. They are not stepped, same front & rear 215/45/17
  6. Now on ebay
  7. incase you have not seen & you are still looking I have posted a set on here
  8. I would think they would but I do not really know for certain, I had a set on GS300 alloys for my IS200 for winter wheels & they fitted fine.
  9. no interest on my wheels then? any offers? otherwise they will be going on ebay.
  10. when very cold i used to get a slight tapping on start up, I put this down to my car being parked on a sloping driveway & the oil not quite getting to where it needed to in the first couple of seconds.
  11. I can not say much about an SC but i have had stainless fitted to all my previous cars (not my current Subaru Forester). Yes it makes the throttle response a bit crisper, improved MPG? possibly but not too noticeable but that could be because of the sportier sound that makes you drive a little more spirited & so offsets the increase. obviously a stainless system has the potential of being slightly heavier but should out live the car. You will probably have an increase in sound. some of my systems have had tailpipe inserts that do quieten the system down.
  12. im with everybody else, garage needs reporting!
  13. Hi Guys, since selling my IS200 back in August I still catching up & selling my other items, Since everything I have sold so far has gone to you guys on LOC i thought it would be easier to just post on here. Ok, I had these fitted on my IS200 Sport, the tyres have about 2 months worth of wear on them & had them fitted the same time as a WIM check up, they have been dry stored since selling my car. The tyres that are fitted are only the 2nd set to go on the rims & are Falken FK452's, The wheels are spotless with no scratches etc. I am looking at around £450 but open to offers, I am located near Saffron Walden in Essex (20mins south of Cambridge), If anybody is interested I maybe able to deliver locally or at least meet halfway, I do not feel comfortable sticking these on a courier. [/url ]
  14. had strut braces front & rear on my Lowered IS200 Sport, sounds odd but never noticed the difference when they where fitted but when I took them off to sell the car i could then tell they wasn't on & it felt a bit wallowy. certainly in future i would spend the money on uprated ARB's
  15. the IS300 is stepped on the rear...I can certainly vouch for WIM
  16. Looking good! you will be happy with an IS200. Love the Corrado, i had a VR6 before getting my Lex.
  17. i sold my 'T' (1999) with 176K miles & it was still going strong, bodywork was still good, engine spot on, still responsive & liked a good spirited drive. Had it serviced at my local independent garage & only used BP Ultimate petrol (if that added to it). Sold it last August & really miss it
  18. looks great! my dad used to have a series B Opel Manta (old S reg)...wicked car from what i can remember. Problem he had with it was no2 piston ring used to fail, helped him do an engine change from a Berlinetta
  19. just down the road, we are in Ashdon, near Linton...the only Lexus i tend to see around is a yellow one (quite a rare colour)
  20. where abouts? shame you didnt win it, would have been nice for it to stay in LOC
  21. Items Sold. would be nice to know if they stayed within LOC. will be selling my Alloys in the new year, Lenso Samurai SC01. If you do a google search my car is the first image
  22. ending today if any LOC members are interested
  23. my ebay listings are now live. Kazama Exhaust Induction Kit
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