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New Guy.....sort Of


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I use to be a member years ago & was a 99 Altezza RS200 AT owner but due to insurance problems (being 21 y/o back then) sold that car few yrs ago since it was cheaper to insure a Impreza WRX but sold that for a 03 Mazda 323F 2.0 as i needed a car to go & from to work BUT.........going to change cars between the nxt half yr or even under a years time & now wanna buy back a Altezza RS200 / AS200 or even a UKDM IS200 here to get info on the UKDM IS200 as i gathered the Altezza RS200 & UKDM IS200/ AS200 are very different !

I wouldnt usually own the same car twice but since i love the IS200/altezza think this car is a exception, though i got other cars to consider too.

Mean while my dad bought a 06 IS200 SE 6 spd AT last Oct which i also got access too & its ace to say the least :D


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I had notice the old IS200 are cheaper now that the new IS is out which is good i guess - because i be looking for one! Lot of difference between the old IS & new IS, notice my dads new IS250 AT is quite heavy especially on accleration compared to the old IS200, well mine was a Altezza RS200 which is much lighter!

Mean while my dads new IS250 SE Auto & my current car - a Mazda 323F, which i just finished work on so picture is bit different !



And heres my old Altezza RS200 Z Edition AT, no idea where it is now, loved that car so much i wanna buy one back or atleast a UKDM IS200 !


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Thanks mate !

Dont think i be looking for the new style IS 220/250 ! outta my price range besides im insured on my dads one ! I be after an old shape one pref a Sport if i go for UKDM one, just a choice of 2 cars to choose from, the other being bit harder to find - a Integra Type R so IS200/Altezza looks more likely either way but who knows but i be here bit often since my dads got a IS250 & doesnt really use forums anyway !

Be good to see a new / old IS on driveway just for comparisons !

Welcome back then it would seem :D

Altezza was nice mate, but sure you'll find a new IS that you'll be really happy with!! Good luck and keep us posted on how the search goes. B)

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