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  1. i have gold brakes on a gold car, looks great.. why not colour code same as car
  2. hamerite smooth, easy to use,dries quick and tuf
  3. spikes

    DSC 0532

    great colour B)
  4. is it possible to drill and tap a bigger size ?
  5. hi bats, not far away mate, in Radstock not far from Bath
  6. update: 12months on and no probs with hids being to bright for other road users :D also passes mot :D
  7. brmm brmm brmm

  8. buy a bmw or a volvo !!!!!! or check out ebay, you can buy led strips you can stick along the top edge of headlight..simples :D
  9. i remember seeing some pics of this car, looked a nice motor :D
  10. 4.5 k would be better hids for fog :D. dont do the led strip in the fog lamp it'll look so chav and german
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