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Camcon Setting


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hello all,

I know these days ppl just get a supercharger and that's is they don't bother with some poor-man mod, but since I haven't found the 2600 eur to give to prolex, I still play around with my camcon and pretend that I'm happy with it :P

So, after a few months of daily-drive testing, I have chosen the map that I find works better for my car, the one that gives me better feeling.

Now, before anyone shoot at me, I have to clearly state that this is not the result of several dyno tuning session, so no result-sheet available.

This is just the best (for me) map, been using this for 4 weeks and no problem from the engine so far, it doesn't rip the asphalt but I'd say I can feel the difference, much more than I did after installing the Kazam catback + k&n filter. So I thought I'd share it on the forum, since when I bought the camcon I haven't found anybody that could help me with a base map to start with; maybe someone can use this one :winky:

so here it goes, hope it helpes someone.

rpm CAM a/f ratio

0 0 -1

500 0 -1

1000 0 -1

1500 0 0

2000 4 0

2500 8 0

3000 10 1

3500 6 1

4000 2 2

4500 0 2

5000 0 2

5500 0 2

6000 0 2

6500 0 2

p.s. I can't find a way to posta a table or something, so all the data look crammed togheter.... sorry :(

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