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Just a warning to anyone out there with the new GS. Mine is just over 12 months old and just had all 4 wheels replaced due to corrosion on the alloys. Ok they did under warranty but if this is more than just a one off, how many people out there will not notice until it is out of warranty as the damage was initially quite small on the inner side of the spokes and not easy to spot at first until it got worse.

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Well . . . . . . . I guess this has been repeated many times on this forum, but here is my story.

My R reg 97 GS300 had two sets of wheels replaced, my '01 GS430 had one shiny set replaced with shiny, and I have had one change of four wheels on my '05 new model.

Each time all four were replaced, very cheerfully, by the main dealer, sometimes they changed the slightly used spare as well. The fact this was done, with absolutley no quibble, has reminded me to remain loyal and buy another Lexus. Their service levels are working.

This must cost them thousands of pounds, and there seems to be no change to the pattern - the alloy they use corrodes, then they replace it. Management of Lexus UK must know the answer, but they foot the bill during the first 3 years.

Is it connected with UK car washes, or the winter gritting?



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Gritting, probably. The UK has three things against it - firstly a litigious culture where people sue if roads are not gritted when there is the slightest possible chance of ice; a climate which is cold enough to need some form of de-icer but not cold enough to prevent salt from working (salt water still freezes if you go too far below 0 degrees); and a local authority culture where cheapness is prized above quality and 'big-picture value', where less corrosive agents might be used in place of salt.

The overall result is that almost uniquely we have our roads plastered in a corrosive de-icer from October to the end of March. The car companies know this, and have presumably worked out that it's cheaper to stomach one country's warranty claims than improve the protection of the world's wheels.

If you think Lexus wheels are bad, try owning a sportsbike through the winter!! In winter time you can take a brand-new bike out the dealer, ride it home, and by next morning the aluminium exhaust can, fairing bolts, engine ancilliaries and engine casings all have a dusting of white aluminium oxide powder on them. And it goes downhill from there. I know this, cos I've got one parked outside that I picked up new on an icy morning in March a couple of years ago...

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May be all true, but why does it seem to be down to brand. I have had alloy wheels for many years and only the Lexus has had this problem after only 4 months (yes it was 4 months of winter). I had a BMW before this for 4 years without a speck. I clean the wheels regularly so not allowing the salt etc time to eat into the alloy.

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