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Buying Advice: Suggested Valuation

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What Car? online valuations suggests that a 2005 (55) IS 250 SE-L should cost £20,045 from an "independent dealer".

while Parkers suggest the same car (SE-L Manual(?)) should cost £24,305.

(in fact, I am looking to buy an IS 250 SE-L AUTO with Multimedia, but can't do this comparison)

Is the What Car? valuation hopelessly optimistic - I will be buying under the approved pre-owned scheme from a franchised dealer - or is there a real danger of me paying thousands more than I should/could?


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Doesn't seem unreasonable, there's a 2005 (55) IS250 SE-L manual with 12k miles on autotrader at Lexus Bromley for £21,850 - so with a bit of haggling could get you close to the Whatcar price.

Do bear in mind though that the manuals do seem to depreciate much quicker than the autos so isn't fully representative for what you want - I wouldn't personally pay too much attention to what the price guides say though, have a look in the market for similar cars to what you're buying, that's the best way to judge whether the price is appropriate or not :)

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