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Lexus Is200 Key


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What key did you loose?

2 button or 3 button? (did it have a boot release button)

Have you a spare?...and if so is it 2 or 3 button.

If you dont have a spare and you want a new key from scratch, it might cost! may have to replace more than the key alone.



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its okay managed to find it, nephew had hid it away somewhere! lesson learnt - need to get spare cut asap,

bobski it was the 3 button fob - beleive that is the master key!

Trust me get a Dealer to order a new one £125 for a spare key sounds alot but its there done and alot cheaper than a new ECU 2 keys and Labour to replace a lost key.

and from experiance dont bother fddlign about with keys from ebay either. More hastle than its worth.

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