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Realy weird today I drove to town and the car was running fine on LPG and then when I got home it sorted of lost power still driving but not giving any power when I accelerated :o then I swtiched it over to petrol wham all is fine :duh: . I went out yesterday to manchester and back and no problems I drove on petrol aswell while I was there...

Anyone had this issue? or now what potentially could be wrong?

I can start it up fine but when I start driving about 30 secs later it loses power but still drives :ohmy:

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Update - Yesterday drove it on petrol for a few mins to town then went and gassed it up and rove to Harlow then East london and back on gas and no problem hmm.

Today again everything is fine not a problem.

Still might get it checked to find out what it could of been? but if anyone has any ideas it would be good to know...

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Interesting as mine has similar problems. I have had my leads, dizzy cap and rotor arm changed and that improved things no end, but I still have the problem that after about 30miles steady motorway mileage at 70 or just below, my lpg system starts flashing at me.

Before the bits were changed it was also doing this. It has been diagnosed as the lpg system reacting because the O2 sensors need changing, but I haven't got round to changing them yet. My alternative method at the moment is to accelerate up from about 65 to about 75/80 then flick it into neutral, kill the engine, wait 10-15 seconds for the lpg to reset, then restart and flick it back into drive. I'm probably killing my gearbox by doing this :crybaby: but I do do it safely and when I have a very clear road.

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What do you mean starts flashing at you... does it go bonkers?!?

The funny thing is it perfectly fine no problem i Have been driving it rapidly on the motorway ( over the speed limit ) and agin no problem ts just really weird...

My bro in law who knows a bit about gas cars coz he had one said that it could have been cold and wet which effected it but not sure how? and when it happened it was really cold and had ****** down and while i was driving was wet all day..... not sure if it really is that...

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