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Wife got a large thorn in rear tyre, not repairable, too close to wall of tyre - slow puncture

Need new tyre - oh dear how much is this gonna cost?

Well, my 400h was delivered with Dunlops and at first service (after tracking fault), front tyres became Bridgestones - fitted by Lexus Poole at cost £120 each, because I was livid I needed tyres after 10K miles.

So I wander into local national tyres place - Bridgestone £192 each - "WHAT" I say. He asks what I've paid before - £120 I say by Lexus - he attempts to match and gets as far as £132.50. None in stock.

I drive to Kwik Fit - nice guy he will beat anyone by a pound so quotes £131.50. None in stock.

All this on Bank Holiday Monday - Kwik fit guy, still nice, recommends local independant tyre seller Bathwick Tyres - it's a Bank Holiday, so they are shut.

Back to work - wife has instructions to visit local garage and re-inflate tyre everyday till fixed. Puncture is slow, so no worries about wheel rims, and I can't be bothered to change it for spare - has anyone tried this?

Phone local tyre man Bathwick Tyres - none in stock (common theme this) - quotes £126 off the bat, no arguments. "Thats a good price" I say, "Yep" he replies. I ask him to get one in, we debate Bridgestone vs Dunlop and he says stick with Bridgestone - he'll phone tomorrow. He phones next day, wife visits with car - sorted.

In the middle of all this, I check Internet and can't beat £126 for Bridgestone.

So the moral is - no one will have you're tyres when you need one, and watch the price!

Interested to hear other people 400h tyre experiences.



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Sounds like you're in the Bristol area(l). Did you get a quote from Cabot Tyres ? I was quoted £123 fully fitted per tyre which was way cheaper than anyone else I phoned. That was for the Dunlops as well.


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I really feel for you having had the puncture issue - but the tyre price is what you expect to pay at these fastFit type of places - theya re insane costs. Best palce is defo. Costco - especially when they run their 'Buy 4 Tyres' promotion. Even then, t their 'basic' rate their tyres are the cheapest around and as they retail only Michelin, you know you are getting a quality tyre.

Good luck in your search!

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