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Air Fuel Meter (ledafr20)


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Found THIS whilst browsing e-bay but can't find any useful information on the web about it, like how is it connected up etc.

Has anyone got/used/seen one in action before? If so is it any good. though I expect for the price it may not be the ultimate diagnostic tool for adjusting the AFR but could give a useful indication of what's going on in the zorst. Any thougts?


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I think it depends on the intended purpose. If you want something that can used as a serious diagnostic or calibration tool, this is probably not for you. Should be fine as an ornament of conversation piece tho ;)

Innovate make a similar but better product :)

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OK I e-mailed the guy about how it gets its signal and basically you splice into the signal wires of your existing O2 sensor.

I have a £30 DMM bought from Maplins that I sent off for calibration, in the mV range measuring a 190mV test voltage the meter was bang on, and with -190mV it read -190.1mV so pretty much accurate. Given that it is a multimeter that measures the usual volts/amps/ohms etc plus capacitance, frequency and tests transistors. I don't really see any problem in making and selling an accurate LED volt meter that will measure in the range of 100 - 900mV for under £35, assuming that it is the same as my cheapo DMM it will only be 0.05% out.

May just buy one and give it a go, would be interesting to see how it performs against the calibrated kit if you are up for it Mark. I have a Lambda sensor boss welded in my zorst so we could put the 2 side by side.

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