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  1. OR some people are just too thick to realise the importance of lights at dusk ... auto on wired to the ignition lights should be a law for new cars
  2. If you do change be sure to get the correct type as there is more than one ;)
  3. Torque! ... fell in love with the IS200 when it first came out and 5 years ago when i could finally afford to get one i was very disappointed with the lack of go from a 2Lt ... bought an Altezza RS200 because of this reason, but you still have to rev the ***** off it... :(
  4. True... but the heart wants what the heart wants Getting old now and performance cars don't excite me as much anymore, the Diesel engine in the 300C has lots of torque (same engine in the Merc 320cdi)so ain't a slouch but i realise that it won't have great handling but this isn't an issue, I find sporty cars are hard to drive normal so can get you in trouble fairly fast too... time to sit back and enjoy the comfort and not feel compelled to take the bends as fast as possible... :) @Rez89, ya the 22's look fab but i'd hate the thought of driving over our pot holed roads :( @Bazza, i like Honda's ... bought an FRV for the wife and it's a great car, but i don't think the Accord estate is much of a looker though
  5. sorry to state the obvious but you should get advice from a good mechanic ;) no point in guessing as online opinions can't be reliable as they haven't seen your car first hand
  6. probably have to make it fit as i don't think that section is the same... with a decat you'll still need a working CAT to pass emissions once a year
  7. Agree, although you can as usual get them from the states for alot less inc. shipping
  8. 300C touring is the next car i'm getting... lexus boot won't do anymore (DIY) so going all out! :)
  9. If you do put a screw driver though it eventually, keep about an inch out from the edge or you'll hit the threaded bit ...
  10. That's mad... Remember Italian lira was kinda mad too before the euro but compared to that it was normal :)
  11. ouch ... did you break your clavicle :( Tattoo is nice, i presume your going to fill in the areas?
  12. Who'll be revealed as the "Stig" next week
  13. Noel

    Altezza Sump

    No IS200 has a different engine so the sump won't be the same... but you can get a new one from Toyota, i have the part no. if you want it? maybe try and get a sump off an MR2, i'm fairly sure that the bottom end are the same :) no harm in trying ;)
  14. I don't know as it's not my car, but i'll pass on your comments to Evelyn ;) If you listen to this video you can hear it ... ? Please wait a few seconds for Video to Load! cheers
  15. Hi all, Advice needed as to why there is a knocking noise when turning right... please view the above link to see whats been tried already :) thanks Noel
  16. I have the IS250 wheels fitted to mine and they are the 17" 8J Points to note ... With 17" you will have to grind of a little lug on the front suspension arm i recommend 225/45 tyres all round as if you put wider on the rear you can't rotate front to rear for even wearing, also found that the 245 on the rears gave tooooo much grip and i couldn't have any tail out fun... (when safe to do so of course) MY Lexus IS250 17" alloys are starting to corrode now as well, not as bad as the original 5 pokes but the bubbles are starting under the paint :(
  17. you\\\'ll need an easy out .... be sure to soak the broken bolt (wd40 or the likes) well in advance so the the easy out has a chance, otherwise that could snap too good luck :)
  18. Top job :D Admin/Moderator move an "pin" this thread ?
  19. LOL ... the lone ranger one i haven't heard before... brill :D
  20. haha .. last one was the best :D
  21. nope... still waiting for my mechanic to get it all stripped down ... no point ordering parts till he has a full list together, hopefully the pistons will be ok :( cheers lads
  22. Looks more like the rare type fitted to Qualitats than the OEM type IMHO :)
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