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Is200 Sat Nav Question

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Ive bought a lexus is200 se on a 02 plate without satnav

went to a sallvage the other day and the guy is selling a 2005 whole sat nav system includeing the pop up screen, remote, boot dvd nav system and all cables and the six cd stereo,

any body knows how to install this system or knows anyone or can i do this on my own?????

is it a costly job???

has anybody done this before???


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I've just asked this same question.

Seems to me people think its too hard as you've got to pull the dash and interior apart to get it all in.

Though I'm sure with some time & patience it could be done if you have all the bits. (I'm a deft hand at dismantling stuff & rescrewing it back together)

Do you happen to have a pic of what he's offering (& for how much)? I'm curious to see what is involved myself & whether the cost is worth it (I may also be able to point out some things as I have a Toyota EPC :winky: )

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i think its a costly and time consuming job, think only a couple of people have done it on here.

plus im my personal view, i think the tom toms aare better than the factory units.

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it can be done but means that you have to modify or replace the harness that runs to the rear of the car and if the harness runs behind the dash ( not sure if there is a split point somewhere) you might have to pull most of the dash apart but that isnt such a big job.

From what i remember the people that have done it before said it take s alot of time is not a plug and play job put it that way.

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