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The club is due for a new forum update.. we shall be fixing bugs and adding a few new features. Whilst I am trying to keep downtime to a minimum the forum will have to be switched off so we can exchange the data onto the new forum... this may mean the forum will be down for 30 - 60 mins depending if things go ok.

Please bear with us as this is a very delicate operation as we have to make sure we do not lose any data.

The forums may go down anytime from friday morning to monday evening. If you do not notice any difference in the forum over the weekend then the new forum has not been switched over yet.

I shall keep you informed about our progress.

Thank you

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As some people may know the forums were down for maintanance this afternoon (fri). After a problem upgrading which is going to take a few more hours to complete i have decided to re open this board for the time being.

Why is the board turned off you may ask? Well i have to turn the board off the keep the data in sync... If a member posts while i am transferring the data into the new forum that will make it out of sync and could affect how the forum works.

We shall probably try and finish the boards off monday


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not sure.. the new forums works and looks nice.. same colors as we have now.. but for some reason when you viw the topic it runs very slow... I am still trying to figure it out

Hopefully very soon, but with the meet tommorow i would guess after the weekend. :(

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