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Wanted: Original Locking Wheel Nut For Is200


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You can have my old set of four for the cost of the postage if you like (or if you're coming to the Ace Cafe meet next month, I can give them to you there). I replaced them with a McGard set.

To be honest you'd be much better off going off with a new set of McGard nuts. The OEM ones aren't very secure and are quite fragile (the pins in the key could easily break off one day, e.g. probably at the side of the road in the rain when you're trying to change a flat tyre).

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Thanks for the feedback guys I appreciate it. I will look into getting the McGard ones, I am only missing one at the moment on my front alloy so may take your offer up Steve.

ok, but as Wozza said you can't just get one new one because (unless you're very lucky) the key will be different, so you'll have to replace them all with a new set. Or you could carry two keys, but that sounds like a right pain to me.

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