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  1. Here mate:
  2. Sounds normal to me. My 2002 IS200 isn't a very good example but my other car, a Yaris is the same and gives higher than actual figures
  3. All cars mpg read-outs give a slightly higher reading than what the car is actually doing
  4. Hi Guys, Are the IS200 tracking settings that are in the how to guides the WIM settings or the original factory settings? I've tried to copy paste them but for some reason I can't.
  5. Matt, will I actually need a bypass valve though? From what I understand if I don't have one then the car will always be on boost so how would I need to set up the bypass and where do I need to get one from?
  6. My dad's merc makes a similar noise on braking. I believe its something to do with the electronic brakeforce distribution.
  7. It's easy enough to change the oil. I've used Comma oil in mine and it's been great. Do you know of a step by step guide anywhere to do it??
  8. Has anyone got their auto box serviced yet? Was it easy to change the oil and which oil did you use?
  9. Is the bypass actually required for the supercharger? If you have a DIY one then what's the alternative?
  10. Hey everyone, just thought I'd revive this thread as I still havent managed to get hold of any centre caps. Does anyone have any available please? I need 2 now. As long as they fit the 18" TTE Grand Prix wheels I think I'll be happy.
  11. Is anyone going to this? Are we going to have a stand this year?
  12. bump again.....anyone?
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