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Rx350 Reseal Timing Cover

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Hi everyone,

My local Lexus Dealer (Southend) has closed so I took my 18 month old RX350 to Lexus Woodford when someone drove into it a few weeks ago. The body shop did an amazing job and it's just come back as good as new. I was very impressed with the service at Woodford.

Whilst the car was in I asked the dealer to look at an oil leak that I had noticed. I was getting a slight drip from under the car every now and then. I've been told that the "Timing Cover" needs "resealing" and that the entire engine has to come out!! I was shocked. I'm on my 4th Lexus and they have always been *totally* reliable. I'm sure Woodford will do a great job and they have booked me an RX loan car whilst the work is done. It could take up to 2 weeks!

Has anyone ever had this problem before? I'm a little concerned and am wondering if I might trade it in a little earlier if the car is going to start causing me problems. At the very least, I'm going to be getting an extended warranty if I keep it longer than 3 years!



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Sorry no comments to add to your "re-sealing" issue........but in the letter I received from Lexus Southend I understood that they will still be operating the service/repair facility......just closing the showroom, is that not the case?

Best regards and a Merry Christmas


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