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  1. No, just a good wax polish.......they will need doing again in a year or so time, but it’s easy and a lot cheaper (and less risky) than buying one of the abrasive pad kits.
  2. I used just the normal (not the metallic) T-Cut on my RX300.......just elbow grease and 30 minutes work.
  3. Scrapyards wouldn’t take the Transit Cats as they were “specially marked” and we actively pursued stolen/scrap parts, same as with fake spares which didn’t conform to specs, we almost managed to stop the importation of cheap poor quality rear lamp clusters which would fade and fail MoTs. Mind you it’s impossible to stop an idiot.......
  4. But the OP’s vehicle was in a car park......... TBH I thought all the Cat thefts had stopped (or slowed down to almost zero) as most are now available as aftermarket items for peanuts (compared to dealer prices). My company was plagued by CAT thefts from Transits (easy to access underbelow!) but that was whilst stored in their compound before delivery.
  5. You know what, looking around at 400h models.....and the 350 I favour I wish I had gone for Rich’s now 😱 oh was early days
  6. My fault, should have said “RRFF”........Range Rover Full Fat as they are called, as opposed to the semi skimmed RR Sport (Discovery in posh frock) 😁
  7. My neighbour has JA5 8OND (his name is Jason Bond of course) on his RR, had it on his Bentley GT and Audi R8 droppy before that.......but apart from that he is a really nice bloke 😂 Damn sure he’d never get a Cullinan down our lane 😫
  8. Having seen the aftermath of a 1/2” socket drive extension weld itself between the terminal and battery clamp causing the battery to catch fire (the mechanic could not pull the extension off the battery) I am surprised, that’s all. Although it was one of the more obvious causes of “thermal events” my company investigated over the years 😀
  9. That’s good to hear, our Mk1 at 120K and around 13 years old was looking very sorry underbeneath, although to be fair it was solid just covered in loads of surface rust, including the suspension components, looked worse than it was fortunately.
  10. Long time ago but on our RX300 the aerial starting not retracting all the way but was an easy fix to remove the aerial component dismantle the whole unit, clean and lubricate (white grease) inside and it worked until we sold the car years later. You could/can buy replacement aerial masts with the nylon toothed belt as well if needed.
  11. Bit surprised profession mechanics did not disconnect the battery while working on the vehicle........
  12. Thanks, but yes we need the Sunroof, we had one before on our RX300 and always used it even if just for ventilation. I try to check every button and moving part when looking for a car but yes it is easy to miss something.
  13. Cheers, I am of the same thinking as you regards the with Nav/Rev camera, sunroof and steel sprung would be perfect.