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  1. I think your reading too much into the lack of action from GovUK.......reversing lamps on cars is most likely quite a way down their list of priorities 🤣
  2. It’s more a historical thing, the biggest “stupid idea” (it’s not so much the manufacturer as the government legislation) is only having one rear fog lamp, one blown bulb nowadays and your invisible in bad weather on the M-Way.........and I know exactly what trying to reverse back when meeting oncoming traffic on Cornish lanes is like, reverse lamps NEED to be powerful enough to view the road behind clearly not just for avoiding the Garden Gnome on your drive! 🤣
  3. Most cars only had one reversing lamp because it is only legislation to have one rear fog lamp, the fog lamp must be central or RHS (in UK), manufacturers saw an opportunity to save production costs and complexity by just making the the rear clusters smaller without having redundant unused lamp areas or the cost fitting a rev and fog lamp both sides.
  4. Really? 😂 I also didn’t say I stopped half way through to have a sandwich and a cup of tea.......🙄
  5. No, not ever protected them after polishing apart from a good layer of ordinary wax/sealer, they lasted each time maybe three years before they started to look no longer crystal clear (certainly not "misty"), don't worry about the amount of surface you remove, it's T-Cut not an angle grinder!
  6. Interesting, I just used original T-Cut on my RX300 lamps, came up clear as new.........
  7. Or a metal grid like the cat guards that is connected to the traction battery when ignition is off......😵
  8. That’s rotten luck, where was your car at the time? Instead of these “cat guards” maybe somebody ought to market a big heat proof sticker for the cat that’s says “No Catalyst inside, Empty Exhaust Part” Or even a sticker on the windows.......I know precious metal prices have risen a lot in the past few months, but it’s getting ridiculous.
  9. According to the latest regs if a catalyst is missing from a vehicle where it was fitted as standard it is an automatic fail, regardless whether it passes the emissions test or not.
  10. But when Cats first came out and we were testing them for production one of my jobs was photographing the interior “brick” after running for thousands of hours, they were all ceramic core with platinum coating (you cannot actually see the coating it’s too fine, the brick honeycomb looks like ceramic), I know I am out,of touch with the latest technology but I’d love to know how or what they use as the catalyst now.
  11. Surely that has to be the result of buying a secondhand/used wheel/tyre of very old age and after the first journey or so, that cannot have happened gradually over a few months without something going pop!
  12. Blimey that really is a “glass half empty” attitude 😂
  13. I think if you park the car close to a wall but leaving enough room to get in and out is even worse as your parking the car where the thief could easily get down on the ground and work at removing the Cat shielded from passing eyes while he does his work. Cat theft would be covered by normal vehicle insurance presumably? Swings and roundabouts regards replacement cost and insurance excess.