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Lexus Sat Nav Issues!

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I've had my Lexus IS200 Sport for a while now and it has been beautiful and worked excellently except for last week when the Sat Nav started playing up.

I have a DVD Sat Nav (2002 version) and the screen is showing the following message "UNABLE TO READ Data - Check if map DVD is correct"

Has anybody experienced such problems before or got any solutions?

Does anyone know where the DVD for the Sat Nav is located?

Any solutions will be appreciated.


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Hi mate and welcome to LOC :)

The unit is located in the boot under the carpet to the right hand side as you're looking in - there should be a flap or something that lifts up so you can access the unit?

Probably worth checking that out - pop the disk out and check it's clean and if so maybe worth trying to run a disk cleaner through the satnav unit in case it's got dirty?

Possible the laser has died though which I guess would be expensive if so?

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What aido said i had this problem once the disc was just a little dirty anyway you need to take the carpet in the boot up and underneath that there is a black plastic tray with the wheel and tools in take all that out then you will see a metal box on the right hand side just undo the metal shield that covers the drive, this faces where the spare wheel goes. Should undo with a few bolts then press the eject button and check the disc.

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