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Alarm And Insurance

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The standard lex has apparently got a good alarm and immobiliser as standard, however whilst getting insurance quotes Adrian Flux let slip that they do not take standard fit alarm/immobilisers into consideration when quoting.

Is there any point in installing a new alarm system?

Is the standard system actually as good as people say?

Is it a hard thing to fit or get a specialist in?

Are tracker devices worth the on going expense?

As ever I appreciate your opinions!!

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They don't take it into consideration? That's weird - whenever I used to get quotes from them they were quite happy that is was an approved Cat 1 system? So are they saying you should spend more on an aftermarket solution as that's random if so!

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Hmm well this is what i am unsure about.

They did ask what cat. the standard fit is unit is but I was not sure TBH. maybe this is why they didn't take it into consideration?

Ah right ok mate yeah it's Cat 1 - there's a PDF knocking around somewhere on here with all the details so they have to accept it as Cat 1 - I'd have thought with the mods you're planning on doing they can only really insist on a tracker but that's worst case - I never had to :)

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Here we go:

Toyota (Inc Lexus)
Talm 001
TC2 – 1076/0499

Look for that section and it lists them all as Cat 1 :winky:

Flux are just being bellends and using this as an excuse to charge more - they've known for years it's a Cat 1 as we all have to keep telling them everytime we call!

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Thanks Aido, Just got off the phone and all they needed was me to say it was Cat1, then that considered.

Quote of £670 Comp. all mods declaired, like for like repair etc, I will get a re-quote from SKY I am sure they can beat £670 as that is about what they wanted for a Supra swap.

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