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  1. W481GGC's (dave Reeds) Lexus turbo is something else now it has been treated to an exhaustive range of mods, with some serious power to boot!!
  2. Just buy Sams IS200 turbo engine and turbo kit, save yourself a HUGE amount of work. His car is a stunningly fast machine and up for a bargain price (engine and turbo kit not the car).
  3. My clutch was OK to 240bhp at 300bhp it burned out very very quickly.
  4. 350 miles to 1 tank of fuel, in an Altezza RS200 Auto :winky: been practising hyper mileage methods.
  5. I believe the original owner of Asi's V8 car still has a fully working 1UZ-FE lying around from his v8 build, I know he started off with 2 engines.
  6. Go for an MR2 Tubby, the N/A ones are to slow and cost about the same as turbo ones so may as well get the monster. You won't go faster for the money
  7. I had a prop shaft bolt work loose and that caused a thud when the clutch was raised?
  8. If your coming on the Alps run then I am sure it will be in the mag
  9. No need to lift or move the engine, as Stav says use the universal joint tool and it all comes out fairly easy.
  10. Exactly why my monster IS200 is sold/for sale (I never say sold until the £'s are in the bank) Replacing with a 2007 Civic 2.2 Diesel - full leather, sat nav, uprated clutch and a 197BHP conversion. Still does 50MPG, instead of 15 round town and 25 on a run. I would have kept it if it was a second car, but its not so its gone.
  11. Interesting, however I would rather have the RS200 - it uses far less fuel, Paddle shift gears etc and is cheaper to insure than a modified IS200 (well for me anyway).
  12. Of course I will do a PX against the RS200!! Its a 5speed auto exactly like the IS300 - only cheaper.
  13. well I ALWAYS GAMBLE. But in 1 years time I will be in sunny Florida, not giving a hoot what goes on in the UK. The green card has been 90% accepted just one or two more bridges to cross then thats it gone.
  14. Auto or Manual. If you want to go quickly then the IS200 will be a disappointment - and hard/expensive to get any extra go from it. The RS200 is a fast little thing and has a lot more tuning options, having the well proven 3SGE power-plant. For 4K you will get a good Semi Auto or a rough manual. take a look at the auto I have for sale, with a the added bonus of 1/2 leather interior from an IS200!! Link be quick as there are 3 people looking at it already next week.
  15. Thing is people have this impression that a "Lexus" is a fast car - it just isn't. I love blowing away BMW's, type r civics, etc, just because they know how slow the IS200 "should" be Then I see the petrol gauge and slow down a lot......
  16. You are 100% correct - I am VERY fussy about mods, and Toyota GT did a poor job (thats being nice). However it is 100% sorted now and cost a lot of money overall - although less than most people are thinking, because of a few deals I did. The car runs a steady safe 280 BHP at 1bar, and if setting 2 is pressed on the EBC then its 1.2 bar and 301BHP. If I wasn't off to America and have to go on a SERIOUS saving plan, then no way would I sell this car. It is set up ready for 400+ BHP, with a better turbo and internals, probably cost in the region of £2.5K all in and then dyno tuning. You could however just buy a forged engine already built and bolt it in. The car is built for ease of use and ease of servicing etc. You can ditch the Dizzy and go electronic ignition but thats just not worth the expense, it doesn't gain anything noticeable..
  17. Same here I never get all the maths right, but torque is "usually" displayed on the same graph as BHP.
  18. Contact WIM as Tony the owner has / or is rolling out a national network of garages who will be using his settings.
  19. You're right I can't take it to the USA so it is for sale. 6K. There is a deal on the table at the moment so be quick if you don't want to miss bargain of the year. Doing the deal on Sunday, in a swap for the Altezza I have up for sale. For what its worth the gearbox DOES NOT mate up to the 3SGTE's, as the turbo, turbo oil return and exhaust are in the way of the starter motor, so you have to move that - an issue that caused huge amounts of welding and cost. You will need to find an RS200 Altezza 'box, very very rare things, then like mine it is easier. The electrics are a nightmare, you have to uprate all suspension, brakes, diff (if yours isn't LSD) you lose traction control unless like mine you add race logic, a stand alone ECU, tuning....... hey I could go on and on and on. Far better to just buy a tuned monster in a finished state with all the issues sorted out. :D Oh and 301BHP 280 Torque, full leather, full sound instalation 2005 SE Nav with ALL toys.
  20. OK my new cluster has the correct mileage - where is it getting the info from, they are plug and play.
  21. It is ECU stored. I have a replacement cluster in mine and the mileage is 100% spot on.
  22. Browns 1st idea was overturned thats why cars registered before 23 March 2006 are not affected to any great degree - regardless how much CO2 they exhale. His 1st idea was to re-class all cars from 2001 onwards - that was deemed Illegal.
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