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Hi All,

My IS is due it's 20k service in the next few weeks and have been looking around to find the best deal - Quite a difference between dealers at the moment!

Went to the three Lexus centres around me and a couple of the local non Lexus garages...cutting a long story short Cheltenham ended up being the cheapest by matching another dealer and then taking a few quid off, just a shade under £300 including parts/labour/vat!!

Got prices as high as £450.....

Would advidse anyone to shop around at the moment, deals to be had out there...



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hey..ur in the "nearly"same area as me..I rang a fewlast week for same are prices I got. (2yr service, 10600 miles)

birmingham - 338

Coventry - 390

Leicester - 380

Wolverhampton - 300

Cheltenham - 495

hanley- 240

what price did cheltenham quote u originally?

lol sorry..just realised urs is a 220d. hence the big diff!! :)

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i had a 40k service at wolverhampton for £295 about seven months ago, which is the biggest service on the schedule,haggle hard.i recently got a call from coventry for my 50k service which is due,they would come to my house with a loan car and take mine for service all for £190,not bad at all.

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Hi Chandru,

Cheltenham £415 originally, they did say they would match any like for like offer when I asked -- so I went back when I had a lower quote and they kept their promise.



sounds good. if i dont get a newer one by end of jan I'll have to get mine lets see.

trying to stay away from coventry even tho its amile down the road!

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