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  1. makes more sense just being able to use the paddle sticks while still in much easier. will see if I can ask a lexus dealer..though I doubt they will be able to do it. remember a while back asking them about the new saat nav dvd which which now come as standard with the facelift 09 cars that allow sat nav entry on the go, and asked if put in my 08 system would it upgrade the software/firmware on my car allowing me to do the same, and they said no it was hardware related....even though the DVD does upgrade it :|
  2. I have used No1 Showplates several times. I bought a set for a private plate last week. Ordered Thursday delivered Friday, a good company. have emailed em..and they dont do it :(
  3. using my "s" mode now more too to assist with engine braking...also keeps my alloys nice n shiny for longer :)
  4. myshowplates and craftyplates dont do the 3d domed gel. only thing with demonplates is the spacing between "xx08 xxx", i want it to appear as "xx08xxx", they will print it the legal way with the correct spacing...i know what i want is not legal but hey... :)
  5. have bought a private registration number recently, and now want to get the plates with the 3d domed gel. look quite nice. the only places I can see them are on (have stopped trading but still operate a website!) , and Have tried to ring creatmyplates and mylicenseplate but no one ever answers and have even emailec Anyone else used the above two companies or know another company that sells these 3d domed gel ones?? thanks
  6. ya know middlemarch. ya quite a few on here..will get one together soon
  7. hi in the north side...radford/holbrooks. should meet up some time..quite a few in cov now
  8. just some reviews on blackcircles "Great value for money. Excellent tyre in the dry and wet. Road handling has improved, much better than the Pirelli P Zero Rosso that I had before. Noise level has improved as well. Will diffidently buy the same again. Very good service from “Blackcircles”, great communication." "I have had these tyres on the front of my Astra Coupe 2.2 for 9 months now. They stick to the road like glue & the tread doesn't seem to have gone down at all. Beautifully aggressive looking tyres & cheaper than Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3. I will definitely by buying these again when my old back tyres need replacing." "These tyres are so grippy, dry or wet, fitted to MG ZR 105+ on 17's. Had P-Zero Nero's on before, the T1R's out perform them by miles. The bit that really shocked me is how well they cope with standing water... did I just hit standing water? The car hardly pulled whereas with the Nero's it was really bad. Just waiting to see what the wear is like, overall very impressed and all this for only £84 P/T!" "very very good tyre for MGF brilliant in the wet 14,000 sofar on rears great value and performance" ive done roughly around 11k on mine so far..
  9. na everything was done by machines. sonus's optimum range? i've got toyo proxes t1-r, have had them since feb 08 and they still have 5-6mm thread on it, ride and noise was better than the bridgestones that i had originally on them but not sure how they compare to the pirellis. know the newer toyo's, think they are called proxes 4 or something are better. where bouts in cov are u?
  10. washed with zymol car wash, clayed with sonus SFX ultra fine detailing clay n glyde, polished with sonus paintowrk cleanser, applied klasse AIO, waxed with with P21's. Wheels cleaned with bilberry wheel cleaner and waxed with toughseal alloy wheel wax. :) what do u guys think
  11. just a quick question....washed, clayed, polished, and applied Klasse AIO/carlack 68. applied the carlack around 3 hours ago and buffed it off and was going to leave it over night and wax in tomorrow. but it has just started to rain..will that affect it the carlack in the sense that i will need to re-apply or will it be fine?
  12. One of the local bodyshops did the Ceramiclear. I could have attempted it myself as have most of the facilities, but decided to leave it to someone with a lot more experience. I believe it's a standard finish for Mercedes and possibly Nissan? ya nissan is def. ceramiclear. did u do a full paintjob?
  13. i use bilberry wheel cleaner to wash them, and alloy wheel wax after. even after 2 months of not washing the wheels the brake dust comes of with a simple wipe using a kitchen towel :)
  14. The 18" alloys on my IS220d Sport were replaced under warranty due to corrosion. This was in June this year just before the original 3 year warranty ran out. is the warranty on wheels 3yrs from when car was registered?
  15. didnt notice the angel of the north being rusty last time i drove up to newcastle..then again it was pouring down! :)
  16. Sunnydud959, did you get your windscreen and dampers changed at coventry? 2 more coventry people!
  17. where was your dash rattle? and was your door rattle from/around the actual door latch/handle area?
  18. nice car..what color is it? not sure if its white or silver?
  19. even tho BOE interest rates are low, if you with LFS, they wont necessarily follow anything close to that rate...they mite now to get the business..depends on dealership i guess.
  20. thanks :) shame like u said other dealers said they couldnt do it!
  21. got the mudflaps painted n fitted by lex bham...heres the result :)
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