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Gs300 Constantly Turning Over With No Keys And Drained Battery

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My 1996 gs300 has developed a fault.

I got home, switched the car off, took the keys out and it constantly kept trying to turn the engine over up until the point where the Battery went totally dead.

Tried another Battery but as soon as i connected the terminals engine started to turn over as if it was trying to start and the keys weren't even in the ignition.

Any ideas what this could be?

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It is your starter motor mate. If the solenoid gets stuck on, it will keep turning over as there is a direct feed for the main starter motor coil, regardless of a key being in. Try giving the starter/solenoid a wack with a stick or hammer to see if it releases the solenoid. Either way, replace or overhaul it (the brush sets are available seperately from Lexus) asap as it will continue to give problems.

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Could also be a faulty relay.

What relay?

From what I remember there is a wire from the ignition switch to a relay in the fusebox from which a wire then runs to the solenoid.

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Just checked the diagrams. Pulling the 50 amp main fuse should count out the relay if it is dodgy. The starter relay feeds the solenoid via the 50 amp fuse. Once the solenoid has thrown, it is a direct feed from the Battery. If the turnover stops with the fuse pulled, it is the relay, if it doesn't, then it is the starter/solenoid.

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