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Is200 Eating My Batery

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as the title says my car is killing batteries

its not getting used everyday now had a new Battery back in december i think may have been november, eitherway wouldnt have thought it would get killied over a week etc

i have subs etc in boot but they only trigger when car on

there is no other electronic gizmos that stay on when car is locked

on no wait i have a total closure box of tricks in boot as well but it doesnt draw any current unless in use which is when car is locked for a few seconds

any ideas

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going to have a look into it tomorow hopefully

i dont drive the car each day now tends to be mainly weekends admitidly not much maybe 100miles at the weekend

had a few more thoughts about what i have in the car running all the time which is the following

1 x voltage stabilizer

2 amps etc in boot (dont belive they draw current when ignition is off)

Total clousre units Geoffers mirror plus window kit (both ahve a permenent 12v feed)

reverse tilt mirror kit (also 12v feed)

thats all i belive now cant think of anything else lol

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