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Aerial Mount Wrecked

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Just got the car washed, using a different car wash, and the bl :tsktsk: dy thing ripped off my bee-sting and also broke the mount! Could of been worse at least the thing stayed attached by the wire and didn't wreck the paintwork by getting stuck in the brushes.

Need to get it replaced now, does anyone have a standard mount, and any tips on getting the trim off to replace it?

Any ideas welcome, thanks. Dave

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awch that must of hurt :crybaby::nugget:

any piks of the damage?

i think yow can replace them, if its the areal on the back of the car it can be taked off by taking the top bit of the interior of the car off and unding some bolts, and geting a shark fin areal from flebay

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Think the thing to do mate is have a look round some of the breakers yards as its not a cheap part from lexus, :whistling:

Think the roof lining pops off if you pull it down but you might have to remove the grab handles before you do it? And think the aerial is held on by 2 10mm nuts :)

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Ok this happened to me a while back, no not through a car wash though :eerrrmm:

Do not buy a shark fin of ebay they dont fit been there done it. Chris's idea is the best but failing that look on the American version of ebay here is a link to one for sale

Now these are not cheap but considering Lexus quoted me over 170 quid for one as they only sell the complete unit including the wiring back to the CD/radio.

Easy to fit, you only need to loosen the roof lining at the back not remove it.

Good luck

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