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Exhaust And Fr/rr Suspension Member Braces


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Nice. I have the same Kakimoto exhaust on mine. Did you notice much difference over the standard system? Would really like some headers though.

How you finding the under body handling with the braces?

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where the Kakimoto joins the center pipe there is currently a small leak.

i have ordered new bolts and new springs, and i will use exhaust bearing grease if that does not work :unsure::huh::whistling::shifty: :winky:

Robin H,

the reason i focused on the TRD part of the center pipe is because that is a TRD Sport Catalyzer.

There is a built in catalytic converter under that cover plate.

pretty much the same as factory, just high flow...

just so you guys know, i know there is no such thing as exhaust bearing grease...

but they do have some kind of stuff over here that everyone uses that we call exhaust goo, not glue, but that is basically what it is.

once i get it right, i will try to make a video to post, so you can all hear how wonderful and silky smooth it will be...

thanks for the compliments guys, i really appreciate it

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