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Is200/300 Sat Nav Fit (& Parking Cameras)

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Hello all, :D

I've been away for a time, having had to sell my IS300 at the end of last year (long story) but I am at last free to choose my own car. I'm looking at a few IS200s around the 2003 mark.

My IS300 had the Navigator fit but I found it frustrating - input by joystick, disc out of date but cheaper to buy a stand-alone sat nav than a new disc.

Anyway, my current car is a Vauxhall Zafira which has a multi-function display at the top of the dash. I was intending to take a sat nav such as the TomTom 520 and fit it in the MFD's place and put the MFD in the roof just behind the driver's mirror, following the route taken by several others.

This sort of set up interests me as I've had the car broken into by some scroats who smashed a window just to get into the glove box for an old sat nav with security code worth at most £25 (decoded) on eBay. Replacing the window cost me over £100, a great deal of hassle and half the skin on my knuckles.

Has anyone done anything like this on an IS200/300? I did a quick search but couldn't find anything on aftermarket fits (for the Zafira, you can get an all-singing all-dancing unit for about £600 fitted that has CD/DVD/satnav/parking camera facility/......) - is there anything like this for an IS200?

Now I think about it, anyone fitted a parking camera, parking sensors etc:?


Ian B)

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