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Coilover Suspension


Best Coilovers Suspension for IS 200 | 300  

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  1. 1. Which Coilover would you recommend?

    • Tein Basic Damper
    • Tein Super Street
    • Tein Mono Flex
    • BC Racing Coilovers
    • JapSpeed Coilovers
    • HSD Coilovers
    • K Sport Kontrol Pro
    • KW Suspension Variant 2
    • KW Suspension Variant 3
    • HKS Hipermax RS

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Hi Guys,

As a new Lexus owner and soon to be purchasing a set of coilovers for my IS 300, I would like to find out what the general consensus is on the board for the best coilovers for your Lexus IS 200/300. I could only fit ten on the list, so sorry if I've missed your coilovers.

Thanks for participating in the Poll.



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Personally if it was me i would just go for a fixed drop with Eibach springs and uprate to Bilstein dampers...unless you are doing track days...

I was about to recommend the same thing. Tein was not an option for me, since they have no homologation over here in Belgium (and other countries on the Continent). I would have taken the SuperStreet with EDFC if I could have.

The next best thing is the KW V3 Inoxline. The springs on this kit are made by Eibachs and the dampers are Bilsteins. What I wanted to do with them, seemed no good idea. I wanted the KW V3 because of the flexibility to easily adjust your damping and lowering depending on the use I was going to make of my Lex (90% street, 10 different tracks like Zolder, Francorchamps & Nordschleife). I was discouraged to take the KW for that purpose, since the setup of the damping seems to be quite a tricky job to do. It must be done by a pro to get it right. So what was the point in paying double the price for a feature I was discouraged to use? Finally I settled with an Eibach Pro kit instead.

The Eibachs are incredible. I didn't expect that much of a difference on my car. When my dampers are to be replaced, I'll for sure finish the job and take some Bilstein B6's. A stiffened antirollbar would be the cherry on the cake.

So my personal recommendation would be:

(1) get the Eibach Pro Kit (= TTE springs)

(2) get some Bilsteins B6

(3) get some TTE antirollbars (or better)

You'll be better served and cheaper off!

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