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Newbie With Is200 Questions!


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Hey guys,

Just bought myself a Silver IS200 Sport on a 2000 X plate, wanted one since my boss had one as a company car when they were first released - have to say it's impressive how even after 9 years the car still has a real chunk of 'as new' appeal - talk about well built!

It's a real change for me as for the last ten years I've been driving old-skool VWs, so I've only ever owned Golfs, Passats and Corrados. Decided to take a break with something Japanese, RWD and well built so the IS seemed like an obvious choice. Would have got a newer VW but they just don't make them like they used to!

Here are my last few cars:





Currently torn between keeping the IS standard as it's such a nice allrounder, or planting it on some coilovers with a few subtle tweaks to the visuals.

Couple of questions if I may!

How much lower is the Sport than the S or SE, and what's the best value coilover system for the IS?

Is there any way to remap the drive-by-wire throttle system to improve throttle response?

Approximately how much fuel is left in the tank when the fuel light comes on?

Will get some pics of the IS up as soon as I've given her a thorough clean!



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Welcome along to the club,

Nice silver Golf by the way!

I'm sure i read on a previous thread that the sport is 20mm lower, (sure someone will correct me if i'm mistaken)

Unsure on coilover question as i've not went down that road but there is a group buy ongoing that guy's are raving about for £499

Re-mapping is a no go area with Lexus i'm affraid

i've had 30miles of sunday driving with light on before i bottled it and put in fuel.

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Cheers for the welcome guys!

Really fancy some coilovers (as you can see I like my cars to run low) but I'll probably settle for some TTE springs for the time being, maybe go for coilovers once I've decided on how long I'm keeping this for, and on what rims to run (17"s have got to go as they're typically scabby in places)

With regard to lowering, Am I right in thinking that the TTE springs should drop it 30mm more than it is currently, as the car is pre-2001 facelift, so rides higher than later sports, but lower than early S/SE's?

Really enjoying ownership but feel the urge for more power already, hatching plans to sell my IS to my brother and go hunt down an RS200!

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