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Is200 Review

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From the independent dated 1999, here's something interesting:

Yet the Lexus rides over bumps quite smoothly, too. Unless, that is, you go for the Sport. This car is a caricature of itself: that stiffer rear anti-roll bar makes the rear wheels thump and fidget over uneven surfaces, and exaggerates the IS200's eagerness to turn into a fast corner, spoiling the fluidity. Go for the SE.

I was surprised to read this, I thought the Sport drives pretty much the same apart from the slightly lower suspension. I didn't know the anti-roll bars were different.

Who's driven both - and what differences did you notice?

Here's the rest of the article if anyone wants to see it -

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Quite a good read a way i would agree with that about the rear wheels fidgeting about i drove an SE and a Sport before i purchased the car... ive had 2 IS200`s...

One with "17" alloys and one with "18" styling kit alloys and the bigger alloys doesnt really help over bumps...

Just my opinion. :)

The reason i chose the sport over the SE was purely down to the added bits on the sport...

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