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Shopping Spree


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Howdo all,

Just been on a bit of a spree and bought the following kit after reading stuff here and on detailing world...(Need to now bin all the old shampoos and polishes I have in the shed)

1) Meguiars Gold Class Shampoo

2) Meguiars detailing spray

3) Autoglym Tar remover

4) Halfords rain repellant for side and rear windows.

5) Lexus Caliper stickers (white)

6) Smooth black hammerite for calipers

7&8) Carlack all in one and Collinite Wax on order (Until this arrives I will be continuing to use AG Aqua Wax)

Apart from good weather I also need a clay bar to go with the detail spray above. Are these generally only available via mail order? Never seen any in my local Halfords (Bristol)? If so any brand recs for a first timer? (or is blu-tac definately worth a shot?)

Will post pics of the calipers when I get a good weekend and find my axle stands!



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I got my Meguiars clay bar kit (came with clay bar, container for clay bar, mequiars detailing spray and cloth - not sure for definate on the cloth though) from Halfords, are they out of stock or is it just hidden away on a bottom shelf somewhere?

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I used Halfords Advanced Clay Bar and Detail Kit.....worked really well.

Nice one dave1, just searched Halfords online stock checker and my local branch is the only one that has no stock! Explains why I can never see it lol.

Looks like my next nearest stocks the Megs stuff aswell so will go for a detour on the way home.


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