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Expensive Suspension Bill

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I'm not a Lexus owner but I am posting on behalf of friends. They own an RX300 and it was hanging at one side. The local Lexus dealer fixed it for the Princely Sum of £3,100. They were told that because of the design of the suspension all four corners had to be replaced as a matched set?

What's the thoughts? They are still reeling at the bill, but I guess there is not much they can do about it now that they have paid it.



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Yep; after my first bill for a Lexus Main Dealer service I no longer just book the car in for stuff without an agreed price first. They are very good and provide a wonderful service but the prices can be very steep.

Sometimes you need to point out to them the price they want to charge is such a large % of the value of the car it almost moves it into write off territory!

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I don't think it is possible to comment without more of the facts.

Although the price seems expensive, but if you consider they might have had a facelift vehicle with air suspension - then I would suggest the price seems in the sort of territory I would expect. Then again I would like to know if any attempt was made to seek goodwill from Lexus etc.

So at face value, not easy to draw a judgement!

People forget that these are big heavy 4x4 vehicles with running gear to match. They can be very expensive to fix (when broken) and a good warranty is essential to protect agaisnt these types of costs - which I would suggest are rare given the reliability of these vehicles.

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I had a family friend with an Audi Allroad that suffered some sort of issue with the air suspension and it was similarly expensive to repair. Air suspension is notoriously difficult fix and it invariably costs £££. Most times the parts required are manufacturer only (and cost £££ themselves) while many Indys wont touch it as it can be highly complex.

One of the reason why I am not too keen on the SE-Ls - much prefer the SE with tried and tested coil suspension springs :)

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I had the suspension sensors fail on my '04 RX300 too. I was in luck. I took the car (outside of warranty but only 35k miles) to Twickenham Lexus. After a couple of days my wife had a call off Jackie there. The bad news: the parts alone are £1.5k, the good news: the car is ready for collection and lexus would be picking up the tab. When my wife asked why they were so generous the reply was that they hoped that we'd be buying Lexus in 50 years time.... and I must add that we might just do that too.


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