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Dvd Mp3's

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I've just joined the forum, and posted in the Newbie section, but this is first of probably many questions.

I am picking my IS-F up next weekend and can't seem to get a straight answer on if the IS-F will play DVD's full of MP3's. The responses I've read seem to say yes and no depending on model of equipement. Of course the ability to load 6 DVD's full of MP3's (24Gb of Music) is fantastic, and save the need of getting an iPod connector fitted.

Has anybody tried on the IS-F's entertainment system?

Also, are there any rules on MP3 format, directory layout etc for either CD or DVD?



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if the system is the same as the one in the se-l, then you can only play original dvd movie or music discs. it will read cd mp3 discs only, but i cannot get any dvds i burn to read which seems to be backed up by the manual. it would have been fantastic if it did but i certainly can't on mine.

hope this helps.


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Hi and welcome to LOC, make sure you get up some pics of the lovely IS-F when you get it!

I'm pretty sure that all the cars up to the 09 facelift will only play MP3s off CDs, not DVDs. I'm not sure whether the facelift has an updated stereo though, so hopefully one of those owners can confirm.

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Make sure you post some pics, you have an interesting car history too from your sig, would be interesting to hear how the IS-F compares and what made you choose it after the others you've had :)

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