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Hello all,

I have just been having a look at the long range weather forecast on Metcheck.

For the Wisbech region the week before Christmas they are forecasting wind speeds of almost 300 MPH! :ohmy:

I sure hope this is a mistake or my house will be blown to bits. :crybaby:


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Blimey :blink: do you think they added an extra '0' by mistake

Guess with the area being pretty flat the wind hasn't got any 'breakers' to slow it down :unsure:

The actual speed they have predicted is 289 MPH on the 18th of Dec so an extra 0 isn't what has happened. Maybe they have got a bit confused with the pressure.

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You're right !!

Sat 19th December for my region has wind speeds of 312mph !!!

That's worrying considering ......... "On May 3, 1999 as tornadoes ravaged Oklahoma scientist measured the highest recorded wind speed at about 7:00 p.m. near Moore, Oklahoma. A wind speed of 318 mph was recorded where a tornado killed four people and destroyed 250 homes.

The fastest wind measured prior was 286 mph on April 26, 1991 in a tornado near Red Rock, Oklahoma.

The 318 mph speed placed the tornado 1 mph below an F6 on the 0 to 6 Fujita scale. No tornado has ever been classified as an F6"

I'd best get the windows boarded up !! (After I've adjusted my TV aerials)

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