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Tom's Suspension


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hey guys and gals just wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction!

I have a set of TOM's adjustable suspensionn on my Tezza and recently they havent been sounding good, is there anywhere in the uk that refurbs them i know a few companys refurb TEIN but not sure about TOM's any idea's???

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you might try Toyota; and TRD or TTE, one of them may refurbish them for you being as they are also Toyota specialist.

if i am not mistaken all Tom's stuff carries lifetime warranty, there should be someone at the Toyota dealership who could help you.

if you don't have any luck with Toyota, TRD and TTE you might try TEIN.

they may do it for a fee? not sure if they would have the right size stuff though.

If you had posted this about a month ago, I would say send them to me.

I would have taken them to Tom's for you myself. you might contact Tom's via internet.

definitely hang on to those, they are by far some of the best coil overs made for this car.

I am about to get a Tom's front tower brace myself.

when I installed my coil overs the adjustment shank made contact with my TRD tower brace, so...

any way, good luck with your dilemma.

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TTE wont do it there coilovers are made by Bilstein, TRD wont do it as TOMS is not actually part of the Toyota brand, and there are no TRD places in the UK

only option i would try is maybe someone like LEDA, who do make there own, but have in the past serviced other makes.

its not a case of servicing though, more a case of replacement parts

you will more than likely find that the TOMS units are rebranded units from another manufacturer.....its just a case of finding out who

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Thanks for your help guys, that would a been a good idea if I said about it a month ago lol obvious I cant contact anybody at the mo so will make some calls on Monday, I may drop TOM's and email and see if they could point me in the right direction!

I must agree with you though they are a good suspension setup!

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