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Stereo Again Something New This Time

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pulled my stereo out today just to have a poke around to see why it would only play 2 out ofthe 5 cds that were in it. only undid 2 screws and pulled the top off. All the cds were out of line i simply stuck my finger in the middle of the cds to line them all up again. put the lid back on refitted it in the car it works fine now ejected all the cds played them all everything seems fine.

could just be a fluke but when re fitted i really tried to jam it again pressing the cd up and down buttons before it had chance to load the first one pressing allsorts of things seems fine at the moment. stereo.jpg

only undid the 2 srews shown beautifully by the wifes fingers lol

Anyway whilst the pic is here any idea of what the wiring is just incase it starts playing up again. the arial is obvious. The main socket in the middle is a mix of feed and speaker wires the wire on the left of the pic was a mistery just one single wire in the socket that didnt do anything when i unplugged it. I have ordered a iso lead for the car and it only has the main centre lead conectors on it. Any one know what the single wire is that plugs into the left socket in the pic. I didnt check it out as if the stereo goes again i will be binning it. A wiring diagram would be real good

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no just a noise like the cd was spining but not sitting right and was rubbing on something. I did get the erroer 3 a few weeks ago but i turned it of for half hour it was ok after that. It wouldnt even recognise cd 4 was in the stereo last week just went from cd 3 to cd 5. Cd 1and 2 just didnt select just clicking noise like something was jammed cd was the noisey scraping one and cd 5 actually played.

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PC2-17-4 Lexus IS200 ISO Harness Adaptor Lead from these people liquidice-2008 via eBay was 99p works perfect just having a break now from trying to set everything up. The stereo very complicated. I have the stereo set colour wise (out of the 93 ? possibles) and 6 of the radio pre sets done. Hvae been messing now trying to get a Lexus logo set as a back ground on the screen.

I need to pull the stereo out again as i am not quite happy with the fitting theres a bit of a gap above the stereo surround. nothing major just being picky really.

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