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  1. I could but it seems a waste of what was obviously a good expensive job to make em black.
  2. I've just bought a black rx300, that came with standard alloy wheels that had been professionally refurbed, and powder coated black (including the spare). However they are not my cup of tea. Do anyone want to swap for some silver ones? They are 16" and have good tyres. So can either remove tyres or swap if your tyres are good as well. Im in northwest lancashire. Cheers
  3. if you look on O U T L A W J A P C L U B . com then we have quite a few turb'd IS200's on there and you can see the costs to make them edot: seriously were still blanked out?
  4. Sell the car and buy something quicker to start, £2500 is a bargain to turbo the is200. The Lexus will never be a cheap car to modify
  5. Anyone got one for sale? Used or unexploded. Thanks
  6. I think you'll find it can handle that sort of power
  7. You need to solder or crimp it to that cable, it's not plug and play
  8. If everyone stuck to tte there would be no improvement. The charger itself is a good charger, it just needs engineering right. Whilst I agree if you want a bolt on kit straight from the seller stay away, if you don't mind a bit of fabricating and head scratching for a unique but powerful outcome it's a good buy for the right price
  9. Its on eBay as well, now im not saying it doesn't work but it's not a straight fit like the tte/eaton kit, but it could work. It's also a VERY loud charger
  10. Personally no, because I prefer the poorboys compounds instead
  11. That's a custom kit, I've never actually seem it running properly yet
  12. Take the bolt out at the bottom of the dash, if you pop off the kick panel, should get you more room
  13. A lot of the bypass leads are cheap and badly made, you need to re-pin the unit in most cases, and even add some wires in others. What wires have you got and to where on the bypass
  14. Just search for rear lights mate, they are also known as satin or dark rear lights
  15. Don't worry about that thread mate, a lot of cars have had a knock or two in the past. I'm pretty sure it has got its rods and pistons as the power has been with that car a long time and the standard rods would have long since gone.
  16. its a nice car, one of the first turbo ones created i believe, if there is a worry about the state of the shell im sure you can pick up a decent car cheap and swap all the bits over. PS if you ever want to get rid of the gauge mounts id love to get my hands on them!
  17. Have you bought the blue turbo car with hks management? Personally I wouldn't use tdi, as they don't have a good history with Lexus cars. Better tuners out there IMHO
  18. Ngk for me, Denso it found are too delicate
  19. I'd ask on tezzaworld mate, more owners there and first hand knowledge
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