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Sat Nav Disk For Is 250 (2007)

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Hello everyone, this is my first post as I'm about to become the proud owner of a 2007 Lexus Approved 250 SE with Nav & ML. I can't wait!!!

During the test drive I noticed that the Nav disk was not inserted. I asked the sales guy if they would supply the latest Nav disk with the car to which he replied "Yes".

I was wondering if anyone here could tell me how I find out which disk is inserted via the menu? Does the 2007my come with the 4 disk set?

I also negotiated the install of the Lexus Ipod kit. Does anyone have any experience of this? Is there a limit to the number of songs within each playlist?

Thanks for your help.


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I too have a 2007 and you need to eject the DVD to get the relevant information.

It's a single DVD for Western Europe and you can see the coverage area info using the MM screen.

I would imagine that it will be:



2006-2007 Ver.2

The lastest DVD is PZ485-X03EU-09 orderable on-line.

I do not (and never will want to) own an iPod so cannot help there.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the reply mraines.

So is there no way of identifying the disk from the menu?

I see yours is Argento Ice too, how are you liking the IS for everyday use? I can't wait to pick mine up on Thursday!

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You have to eject the DVD to get the info your are after. The tool kit contains the two pin tools that you push fully home into the two holes of the clock surround. Then the clock surround will come away, turn on the ignition and you can select the eject button from the relevant on screen menu.

I really do love the car even though I mostly cycle to work. Can't believe I left it so long to get one. I love keeping it clean and I think it's a real looker.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do when you pick yours up.


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I was thinking of updating my 08-09 discs and selling the old ones, but have been advised to wait a few weeks for the very latest 2010 version. The update comes out in April each year, I am told.

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I got a 57 plate "IS 250 SE-L with MM" from new and while it is being serviced, I was loaned a brand new IS 220d with MM.

What I noticed is the the MM system is newer and looks different.

You can use Bluetooth to stream music from the Iphone (pretty cool, saves pluggin in a cable)

There is a USB point for music.

You can enter numbers and destinations while driving.

So, the question is, does anyone know if the older version can be flash upgraded? I know the maps can be upgraded on DVD but the whole MM system is different.



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