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Disappointed With The Autoleads Stereo Fascia Kit

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Is it just me or is the Autoleads stereo fascia pretty poor quality? The lower pocket doesn't pull up securely to the fascia as I can't tighten up the two screws either side, they just keep turning. Also I don't seem to be able to get the HU to sit flush with the fascia, it sits about 10cm back inside it. Doesn't matter if I use the cage or the ISO brackets either side.

Considering how long it must have taken them to design and manufacture this kit you'd think they'd at least try and match the plastic finish of the rest of the center console.

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Yep, they're cheap n nasty. Scosche make the better aftermarket kits

You can get a genuine fascia but they don't have the spaces for the seat heater (the blanking plate is removable)


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yeh I received mine last night, cheap and uncheerful i must say! not tried fitting mine as im going to look for other options, however im fitting a double din and notice straight away the hole is too big for the head unit.

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It doesn't match will out of the packet, but it doesn't cost alot so no real surprise there. i beleive there is a Lexus part (someone will correct me if i'm wrong)

DJ Wozza did a tutorial / walkthru on how to better match the fascia to the centre console.

This is time consuming, involves glueing, filling sanding & painting, lot's of members have done this, time consuming but worth it.

This is mine, as you will see, it looks a wee bit "wonky" top centre, but colour / finish match is pretty close.


This is another thread with finished article

Redz one

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Good to know it's not just me! As said they're cheap enough so I haven't really lost anything.

Thanks for posting the link to the Scosche kit. I've found one for sale on eBay so think I'll take a punt.

I'll let you know how I get on. :)

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