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hi guys this question has been answered many times i did look around for previous posts but didnt find precised answer.

plz help i'll ask in order my cars is 1998 mk2 GS300 135k miles

1. 10w40 or some thing else ?

2. fully synthetic or semi synthetic ?

3. car takes 5.5L or 6.5 liter ?

4. brand matters ? shell, Halfords, Mobil 1 etc

many thanks guys


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I looked too, but my answer would be cheeky.

Viscosity - check the manual

Brand - really doesn't matter. For the more mature vehicle the damagehas already been done. Buy something expensive if you want, but 'pig' and 'lipstick' come to mind. If you're really concerned, change to oil every 5k miles before it wears out, and oil does wear out.

See, cheeky :P

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The IS300 which runs the same 2JZ-GE takes 5.4L so I can't see it being any different than that. -> http://bahamutcars.f...00_gasoline.pdf

Semi Synthetic 10w40 would be fine although if you can afford a fully synthetic 5w30 it would provide better protection.

Hmmm ... I'd love to know why using a thinner oil would give better protection. It might at start up, but not under running conditions. I'm assuming the usual UK climatic conditions apply.

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Using fully synthetic oil gives better protection. A 5w30 fully synthetic oil will out preform a 10w40 semi synthetic in every way. It's do do with what the oil is made from rather than it's viscosity. (I could have also given 0w40 fully synthetic as an option but it's generally more expensive than 5w30.)




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