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Is300 S/c - Rear Seat Lumbar

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Evening all...

Have an '03 IS300 S/X - fantastic motor....though my wife has complained when sitting in the back (looking after screaming baby!) that the lower lumbar support is uncomfortable.

On looking at it - it does seem to sit quite proud from the rest of the back....

So...does anyone have either the same problem or a photo of their rear seat in a S/Cross that i can look at to compare what mine looks like....if i remember I'll post one of mine (seat ahem!)...



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Just back from me 'ollys, and I have rushed out to have a look. Both seats look the same, the back of each seat is made up of three panels...sort of top, middle and bottom,and on both seats they are pretty well in line, unlike me they exhibit no unsightly bulges!!

I would photo but it's too dark,and I haven't the faintest idea on how to post a photie.

Hope that helps....?

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Just had a look at mine - the lower of the three sections is slightly forward, yes. It is the sections that hinges for the seat to fall forward. I had a quick test, and although not awful, I can understand why she might moan on a long journey. Time to pop a pillow in for long journeys? ;)

Hope this helps,


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