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Where To Buy Used Wheels For 2004 Ls 430


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Hello - bought my LS 430 2004 used and the chrome wheels were starting to flake. now they flake and leak from rust around the tire. the dealership said they had problems that year with factory wheels. anyone know where to find 2004 wheels at a REASONABLE price?



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Hi and welcome to the LOC.

I suppose it depends on whether you want brand new,refurbished or secondhand wheels as replacements.I had chrome wheels on my import LS400 and after 2 years had the same problem as you with the flaky chrome.

Personally I don't think the UK weather/salt combination is suitable for chrome wheels so I moved away to some refurbished MOMO alloys from eBay but then discovered one was buckled!

If you do go for aftermarket wheels make sure they will fit and if using your present tyres on them make sure these will also fit the new rims.

It may be worth a look on eBay but check the wheels for damage before parting with the money for them.

As far as I know there is no one within the UK that will refurbish chrome wheels.

It may also be worth putting a "wanted Ad" on the forum you may be lucky.

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