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Need Tips On Buying Is200, Which One?


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Hi all

Please go easy on me as im new to all this forum business.

I will explain my current situation, i want to buy a used is200 my budget is £3500 max no more,

my prefrence is black or grey one no other colours. not fussed if i buy a manual or auto, what do i need to look out for, how reliable are the auto/man boxes??? what are these cars like to run, and in general how reliable are they,

any help/advice woul be much appreciated



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Hello and Welcome first and foremost

When i was looking for a IS i found this forum a very valuable source of information (and still do), but you have to do a lot of searching

this link i found helpful

and of course the important spec sheet!

But the only main thing that i could say that isnt covered by the above is go with your head, and dont rush into buying the first one you see.

As for reliability, if you look after it properly then it will look after you, (bloody bullet proof!)

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Maky - you could pick up a nice 300 for that money-full leather , xenons , armrest , nav - similar mpg as a 200 same gorgeous shape inside and out

drove a manual model today wasnt really too impressed i think the car was a bit of a dog to be honest.

didnt realise a 300 even existed will look into it.

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  • 6 months later...

right the search is over after looking at more than 5 is200's ive managed to get myself a 2001 is200 sport manaul in black, and im impressed to say the least have had it 2 weeks now,

so far ive..............

valeted it myself over a 2 day period so its mint, inside n out,

found water in the rear whhel arch and noticed a tube had come loose, ive refitted and seems to be ok i have also water tested and all seems well.

changed cabin filter, old seems like it was in from 2001.

i have flushed power steering fluid as it was near black, with dextron 111 atf, feels much better.

changed the air filter ***** easy job and old one wasnt too bad, but hey peice of mind.

next on list,

ik20 spark plugs

oil and filter change

brake fluid change

now the confusing bit.

just wanted some clear cut info on the gear oils, ive gone through this site and i must say some very helpfull information, but confusing when it comes to gearbox/diff oil everyone seems to have a different answer. what oil do i get redline mt90????? what grade???? also ive read not use diff oil for lsd cars even though mine has an lsd is this correct.????

any help would be much appreciated.

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