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  1. loadsa is200 in bridges scrapyard - search my post under - spares galore - from a long while back
  2. Lloyd how are you ? - ive got some spare new 3 button keys left over from my lexus days ,, pm me your address and ill send a couple out to you
  3. i did dr barries for him in about 3 minutes after he had been told he needed a new unit - bit of compound and some elbow grease works wonders - merry christmas to all on LOC !
  4. whats the mileage,tax ,mot and service history with this please if not sold already
  5. id get a set of winter tyres fitted pronto if you aim to be getting anywhere in the snow in an is200 mate - the little snow button really wont help you out much anyway tbh
  6. ive traded the lex for some luxury,power and style but still pop in from time to time
  7. glad to hear you are happy dr barrie - gimme a shout if they ever need doing again - was a pleasure
  8. Copied and pasted from another forum but seems a very good thing for everyone to have a go at and post on any other forums Dear FairFuelUK Supporter, The battle for cheaper petrol/diesel prices is at a crucial stage. 10 days ago, the Government made a new on-line facility available to get issues that concern the public aired in the House of Commons. Consequently, If 100,000 citizens sign our petition on the Government's new ePetition site then the issue of cheaper petrol/diesel will be debated in Parliament. This morning, our petition on the Government site has reached 36,000 signatures. We need a further 64,000. Our own FairFuelUK petition at has 200,000. However, these campaign supporters unfortunately do not count towards the ePetition on the new Government site. It is absolutely vital that we get to 100,000 within a few weeks. The only petition ahead of us is the one relating to the recent riots. If you have already signed our petition on the Government ePetition site – thank you! Please try to encourage other friends, colleagues and contacts to do the same by forwarding this email. If you haven’t signed, please do so NOW at . Failure to hit 100,000 will set the case for lower taxes on fuel back years. Please remember, every signature really counts. It really does! Very kind regards, The FairFuelUK team PS: If you use Twitter, please follow us at . The @FairFuelUK account has over 100 MPs and Politicians already following our campaign for lower fuel prices. This means that your tweets will be seen by these decision makers if your follow us. PPS: If you have any problems signing up to the Government's ePetition website, please go to The FairFuelUK campaign is supported by the RAC (7 million members) and the two bodies that represent the UK road freight industry, the RHA and the FTA. Between them the RHA and FTA have over 20,000 members. The campaign also enjoys the support of approaching 200,000 members of the public. We are aiming to get 1 million on board as soon as possible. Follow FairFuelUK on Twitter and Facebook _________________ Hawkeye Equipped Link to my work in progress thread here -
  9. It's like having a house alarm fitted but not putting a flashing bell on the front of the property. It's a deterrant, like said previously, no matter what you do, if they want it badly enough they'll have it. Anything that's going to make them think twice and move onto another car gets my vote. well when i spoke to tracker about this exact point they were very clear in their advice and opinion - ie if you see a car with tracker stickers on or decals they werent fitted with the tracker and arent part of any kit or package they sell as they undermine the ethos of the equipment which is to actually get your car back !! they went so far as to say any car you see with tracker stickers on it probably hasnt got one fitted or just plainly someone has got aftermarket decals and stupidly put them on against all the advice of tracker - but yes if you think that would deter the sort of people that could/would steal an isf then by all means have a huge deterrent tracker sign put along the top of your windscreen for the ultimate protection
  10. unless the stratagy at tracker has changed radically since i last had one fitted it was an absolute no no to put tracker stickers on a car with tracker - they can and are findable,destroyable and the signals blockable - why stack the cards in your favour and then show your hand ?
  11. Hi RD welcome to the forum ,, you are in luck being in essex as this place is not tooo far from you - HERE
  12. Welcome to the forum - why the old speeding link joke ? it was a bit old hat years ago tbh
  13. tigerfish is entirely correct - every car functions differently and no one else even remembers the original question which tf has at least offered a valid suggestion to - op fill your ls up and see what happens
  14. aah i see - well they can be a right pain as i found out recently - i got paid by my insurers for a non fault accident but until they recover their money from the guilty party ive lost 2 years ncb !! its a pain sometimes but all the more reason to insure properly and fully and eventually get to the magic 5 years protected ncb scenario
  15. She was hit by a Krispy Kreme lorry. She's had her money for the total loss and I got my 2 boxes of complimentry dounuts all this hassle is over the hire car charges. :) god forbid you should ever have the need again but if it ever did happen again google "non fault accident hire car" and theres a load of companies that will supply you a loan car immediately and they then chase the person who hit yous insurance company for their money - no hassle
  16. well done Dave ! yup that was exactly it - how are you by the way ? - only answer to all this is declare everything and be legal and safe and drive what you can afford to - thyesedays you cant get away with old loopholes like this ( i did for many many years but no longer ) - if you do come up with a foolproof solution id be interested as well as my insurance is about £3k this year due to a **** driving up my arse when i was parked Can't complain matey, thanks for asking... Car's looking ever better now it's got the side/rear skirts, front bumper and 18" wheels on :) How's yourself? all good really thanks , loving the discovery tbh but rackin up the miles on it as doing so many daytrips here there and everywhere, i think ive done 15k in it since july !! - your lex is looking great with all the kit , i always liked stavs and tommys ones so i guess its one of the nicest colours imo - yours certainly doesnt look plain jane thesedays - still love the 200/300s when they drive past
  17. and your financial circumstances have for a long time been territory for investigation by loss adjusters investigating claims - they will look for arrears , ccjs etc to determine your financial status which could have a bearing on why or what you are claiming for
  18. well done Dave ! yup that was exactly it - how are you by the way ? - only answer to all this is declare everything and be legal and safe and drive what you can afford to - thyesedays you cant get away with old loopholes like this ( i did for many many years but no longer ) - if you do come up with a foolproof solution id be interested as well as my insurance is about £3k this year due to a **** driving up my arse when i was parked
  19. afaik the partner only has to insure against third party risks so doesnt have to be fully comp or even fire and theft
  20. id agree with dave - used to get away with that years ago but thesedays youre lex will flag up no insurance and warrant a pull and any copper worth his sorts will know the law and that the lexus has to be insured by someone for your insurance to be valid
  21. i bought one from lex for about £38 iirc just before i sold the car - keep meaning to see if it fits the lr
  22. yup its me !! how are you im a little surprised your lex is still running ok after all the aggro you had last year , good stuff - i know there were about 8 is200s at the scrapyard at pease pottage last time i looked or i guess a local exhaust place ought to do one cheaper then a main dealer , im pretty sure theyre stainless steel so would be expensive from lexus
  23. moan moan moan , cheapest way to check whats up is to get kwikfit to lift it up and identify which parts are gone ( they will let you see for yourself) then um and aah about the price and go get the parts from a motor factor or ebay or secondhand as there could be forum members who have changed standard systems for uprated ones
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