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'98 Gs Mk2 - Heated Rear Window Broke

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Normally I have no problem maaintaining my GS but this one has got me stumped!

My heated rear window has packed up. The dashboard switch operates the lamp and I can hear a relay clicking. The driving mirrors heat up but the rear window is inop.

The element in the window does not appear to be damaged.

Questions are

- anyone else experienced this?

- where is the fuse (assuming the driving mirrors are separately fused)? The legends on the two fusebox covers are of no help and the handbook is useless on this.

- where is the connector from the rear window to the loom wiring sited?

Help will be most appreciated.

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There should be a 30amp "DEFOG" fuse somewhere. Not sure which fuse box though. It looks like thee rear screen and mirror heater relays are powered via the 10amp "HEATER" fuse, and the actual mirror elements powered via a 10amp "MIR HTR" fuse.

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