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Rx400H Navigation Problem - London To Paris

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Hi i have a 2007 RX400H.

I put in DisneyLand Paris from London which according to Google and Multimap is just 350 Miles, but the RX400 shows 650 Miles.

I believe the RX400H maps for France are in Kilo Meters (KM) and hence is adding the KM from Calais to Paris to the Miles from London to Paris.

But the time is also being shown at 11 hours driving which again according to Google should be no more than 5 hours.

Can anybody check on your RX400H mapping from London to Disneyland Paris (this is a POI under Paris on the RX400H).



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I can't comment on the specific journey you are doing, but one I do quite regularly, a route I know very well, my Satnav puts in various bonkers detours - I guess it's basing on the most direct route or whatever preferences I have selected - but it always seems to be way over the time expected and suggests various roads that are clearly not the best way.

My experience of Satnav generally, if you plan to go somewhere, always know roughly how to get there and then use Satnav to help you on your way. Sounds like you are doing the right thing in checking your route before you go!

Not exactly much help, but you are not alone!

The Saint.

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