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I'm currently trying to diagnose a mis-fire that is not caused by the ignition side.

I notice that the LS430's service schedule does not mention a fuel filter, can this be true?

I notice in the maintainance section of the workshop manual it mentions a fuel filter for NON-european cars but not European.

I spoke to my local parts supplier and they said they had my (in tank) fuel filter in stock for £46????

Can anyone throw any light on this?



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Hi Mike,

Hopefully this isn't going to lead you in the wrong direction, but may give you an avenue of thought to consider.

As I understand it, you do a high mileage on lpg, using petrol only for the initial engine start each time. Logic dictates that if it runs well on lpg, then ignition is probably not the cause, and petrol may well be. Without discounting the possibility of the in-tank filter being partially blocked, my gut feeling is that this is unlikely. What could be a more likely solution is that if you have been using the same tankful of petrol for several months, then the petrol has gone a bit 'stale' and also that one or more of the injectors are partially blocked, thus giving the symptoms described in your other thread.. If the tank is almost empty, then put some injector cleaner in the tank and top up with fresh petrol. Then give the car a good hard run on petrol - this may well blow the cobwebs out of the petrol system, and give you back a V8 rather than a V6 and two halves.

Lpg running does also affect how the plugs operate regarding temperature, and probably also affects overall plug life to a certain extent. How long is it since you last had a plug change?

I look forward to hearing how you resolve this problem.



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