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Hullo folks,my name is Paul and i am in need of some help from you guys please.

I got an IS200 in to my garage for an engine change,car wasnt running when i got it.

After the engine swap the car re-fused to stay running,almost like it had no petrol in it.It would start,then die straight away.No CEL light on either,i fitted another fuel pump-no difference.The couple of times it has stayed running i managed to creep the revs up to around 2800rpms where it then hits a limiter?I have swapped the whole throttle assembly over,no difference there.

I have burnt out the search function looking for similiar problems,to no avail.Even failed in finding the location of the fuel pump relay online.If anyone could tell me where to look for that,that would be great.The fuse for EFI has heat marks on the blades but wasnt blown when i checked also might i add.

Many thanks in advance people,Paul..

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Had a car did the same thing... As said might be in limp mode but mine would do the same thing cause or the afm and another problem on this car was the egr valve... Get a fault code reader worse comes to worse.. I got one off eBay for the car I'm on about for £20 I think.... Helped allot.... Just my experiences

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Well folks,finally got the car sorted a couple of weeks ago.All three cats were blocked! Had no much fun cutting them open and removing the in-ards(melted),then welding them back up!

Running sweet after that with no CEL on,and defo more free-flowing high revs.

It seems the car had a misfire previously on two cylinders and the owner ignored it and kept on driving the car! Which resulted in the wrecked cats. So if anyone is driving about with a misfire,thinking it will be alright for a while before getting fixed.Think of the unburnt fuel wrecking your cats,as they are close to the engine.

Thanks for replying guys anyhow,many thanks Paul..

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